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Crash Bandicoot ROM: An Amazing Platform Game

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Being the first installment of the series, Crash Bandicoot chronicles the creation of the title character in the clutches of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex along with Doctor Nitrus Brio as well. This platform video game was developed by Naughty Dog and was published for the PlayStation console by Sony Computer Entertainment. This famous nostalgic platform game can be run by downloading the Crash Bandicoot ROM first.

The game showcased quality graphics display with a mix of unique visual arts and with that, it has received positive reviews by critics in general. In terms of sales, Crash Bandicoot went on to sell more than six million units, which makes it the eighth best-selling PlayStation game of all time. A simple yet outstanding game is sitting dormant and just waiting for people to play it so if you want to give this game a try, you should download the Crash Bandicoot ROM right now.

Download Crash Bandicoot ROM

The Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, Crash Bandicoot is a platform game where players are to control the main character which is Crash and navigate through various levels in sequence in order to push forward. For Crash to defeat his enemies, he has to either jump on top of them or use a spinning attack to hit them. By any chance, you get hit by an obstacle or by an enemy, or even fall through a pit, you will lose a life point.

However, there is also protection that is made available for Crash and this is by collecting Aku Aku masks. This protection will only guard crash against a single hit from an enemy or an obstacle but will not save him if he falls through a bottomless pit or those obstacles that cause an instant death. There is a limit to this as he can only collect two of these masks, and when he manages to collect a third mask, Crash will get temporary invincibility.

More talks on the gameplay…

The game will end once crash depletes his lives so to avoid this from happening, you have to collect one hundred Wumpa Fruits as this would give out an extra life. There are several types of crates that are scattered throughout every level. These crates can either contain a Wumpa Fruit or even an Aku Aku Mask of which could be obtained by breaking it by means of spinning or jumping on top of it.

Aside from the basic crates, there are also checkpoint crates that allow players to resume to a certain progress point if ever they lose a life. Crash can also bounce on arrow crates but there are also explosive crates that detonate when broken or follow a timer which activates if you jump on them. There are also other certain crates of which includes steel platform crates are invisible and before they become tangible, Crash has to hit an exclamation box first.

A Bonus Reward

Perfecting a stage is not that easy but if you manage to clear a level without dying and flawlessly breaking open all of the crates, you will be rewarded with a gem. Some other gems can be acquired on hidden levels or even on some alternative routes. Some of the gems that you collect are required in order for you to access a certain new area.

As it is mentioned that gems are given to access a new place, reaching the true ending is made possible by collecting all of the gems in the game. If you are lucky enough to collect a bonus icon, you Crash Bandicoot ROMwill be transported to a Bonus Stage. Completing this bonus stage will grant you access to saving your progress through your password or either through a memory card.Download Crash Bandicoot ROM

The Characters

A fury little bandicoot has been mutated by Doctor Nitrus Brio’s Evolvo-Ray and the result is the main protagonist Crash Bandicoot which the player controls. The main antagonist in the game is Doctor Neo Cortex who is a mad scientist whose goal is to form an army or mutated animals for him to rule the entire world, with him having Doctor Nitrus Brio assisting on his side. A female bandicoot named Tawna, who is about to be experimented by the evil doctors is Crash’s love interest.

An ancient spirit doctor named Aku Aku greatly aids on the journey of Crash as he has scattered several masks of himself throughout the whole island to protect him in times of danger. Before Crash faces the two evil doctors, the first faces off with Papu Papu who is an obese and furious chief of the native village, a demented Kangaroo with sharp toenails named Ripper Roo, a muscular koala named Koala Kong, and Doctor Cortex’s Tommy gun-wielding bodyguard named Pinstripe Potoroo.

The Setting

You will be set mainly on the Wumpa Islands which are three fictional Australian Islands that are owned by Doctor Cortex where levels can be typically set inside tribesmen’s villages, beaches, or even in fortresses. Bridges that are high above the mountains, temple ruins, and even a volcanic mine are what you have to expect on the second island.

Industrial settings that include a large power plant and a castle is what is featured on the third island in the game. There is a tropical setting in the game and it was inspired by Donkey Kong Country which is also another famous platform game of the early 90’s. Platform games have been a huge hit back then but if you try the Crash Bandicoot ROM, you are guaranteed to have all out fun as you push through the difficult levels one by one.

Is the Crash Bandicoot ROM worth it?

The game has been developed for a vintage console which is the original PlayStation. Looking for a decent one nowadays is hard and owning one is even harder as it requires much space for it to be stored. We are talking about the console alone, and if finding a well running CD of this game is difficult. This is why the Crash Bandicoot ROM is worth the download because you do not have to do such things as you just need to install on to your personal computer and from there you can start playing.

The Crash Bandicoot ROM is a life saver as it frees you from the hassle of the classic way of playing games. With an icon that is readily available to click, you could access the game in no time. All of which is made possible by the Crash Bandicoot ROM so save this file as you could easily share this game on to your other friends as well.Download Crash Bandicoot ROM